Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mea Culpa

I had a bit of a messianic moment in January when I thought I had proved the twin prime conjecture. Very silly of me, and someone from the Mersenne forum patiently told me where I was wrong. On further searching I also see plenty of other people have noticed the primorial patterns that underlied the attempt.

So now, in a more humble frame of mind I've returned to thinking about this problem and the way it relates to a few other issues, so I will be making a few posts to make observations, without any claim to be doing anything more than keeping a record of my thoughts.

I'll leave the earlier posts up as a useful reminder of my own hubris.


  1. Love Your work. Im a prime seeker my self .. Ill write to You soon.

  2. Thanks, feels a bit like shouting in the dark sometimes, so nice to have someone respond...

    I've got a slightly different line of attack going at the minute, quite interesting, but not ready to blog about it till I understand it a bit more myself.